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Ctrl + S (Back up your files)



We sometimes forget to save important files and lose the data.  In the video, a character who loses his files gets mad and he is looking for a back-up data inside the computer. 

The back-up data got absorbed by the screen so he enters a computer world. He chases after the back-up data, going through all hardships and barriers in front of him but he defends well against the. After a few stages, he finally gets the back-up data and it begins to back up all his files.


Concept / Design / Animation

Yunho Park

Music / Sound design


Storyboard / Character design 

Yunho Park

Monica Choi

Gift Doii

Recognition : 

STASH magazine featured

Graphis New Talent Annual 2020 / Honorable mention

Hardware world (Red)

Hardware world shows the projects’ rendering, error and the steps of entering the digital world. The character is a reflection of myself, with the use of reddish tones giving unique color outlooks. By using the characters and colors representing myself the film illustrates my personal experiences with motion graphics, showing a journey to find backup files from beginning to the end


Software world (Blue)

A turning point for ever-changing color, from red tones to blue, as one enters the software world to recover backup files ultimately representing the inside of a computer. In a world of computers built with 0 and 1, and numerous pixel and wires, the character tries its best to discover backup files running through the digital world. In comparison to the real world, the density or animation moving speed of the elements are rapid and dramatic


Into the system (Data)

Entering the system, an intertwined space, where all database is found in the digital world amidst numerous complex elements with the ceaselessly arithmetic operation and programs, we experience the most urgent and immediate feeling of the environment. characters run continuously struggling to get out of the maze. When he ultimately exits the system, the exhausted character takes a moment to breathe


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