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Hotel Cactus


<Hotel Cactus> is written by 'Ekuni Kaori', one of the most famous Japanese women writers. This book isn’t exciting nor suspenseful, but it’s rather calm, peaceful, and monotonous. This is the story about three main characters named ‘cucumber’, ‘2,’ and ‘hat’ with different personalities.

- A hat : a middle aged man / wine / casino / turtles
- A cucumber : shy / indecisive / funtionary
- 2 : sportsman / outgoing / bright / funny / young


They are ordinary people and living a normal life. It shows how they become good friends, understanding and accepting the difference they are experiencing from each other. Also, this book includes the importance of family, and a close relationship with neighborhood. When people talk about internal and external sides, usually the former is about character and the latter is about appearance. Even though they have awesome character, they are underestimated because of their appearance. there are people who are overestimated thanks to their beauty. In this book, there is no discrimination against character and appearance.


Graphis New Talent Annual 2020 / Honorable mention

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