Samsung OLA


Samsung is in the midst of updating their visual identity across key brand projects to include a distinctive illustrative style (currently being managed by Turner Duckworth). Our new 'Everything's Better With Galaxy' campaign will be the first in-market to launch the new VIS. The task is to develop illustrations for the OLA assets in our 'Everything's Better With Galaxy' campaign that will match the look & feel of the new Samsung Visual Identity. 


Director - Benjy Brooke

Producer - Nettie Tien
Lead Developer - David Poyner
Production Coordinator - Riley Spencer
Lead Animator - Mike Luzzi
Producer - Cathy Kwan
Storyboard Artist - Greyson Lee
Designers - Connie Van, Sarah Kim, Jackie Ferrentino
Motion Graphic Designers -

Mark Pecoraro, Vanessa Appleby, Nick Zweig, Sarah Kim,

Yunho Park, Greg Wilson, Seongjin Yoon, Caroline Duffy, Lynn Hwirin Park

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